Update on Caolan

Caolan had a busy week of scans he was in good form all week but his hips were sore from getting bone marrow aspirates done but pain relief helped with that. We have to wait now until next week until the doctors have all the results gathered.
What is next? Well we are not sure as there is no set plan for us to follow,we have to make decisions ourselves of course we get advice from Caolan’s doctor,but it is not easy known what is best.
Here the only treatment plan is the chemo that Caolan is on and full cranial spinal radiation which means full radiation to Caolan still developing brain. This is something we are not willing to do as the long term effects would leave Caolan with the brain of a two year old.
So we are awaiting info back from America on other treatments that they have to offer that may benefit Caolan, although they still like the idea of radiation they don’t recommend it to an older age of three but ideally five!!
Life is very weird at the minute because we are leading two different lives.Caolan is in the best form he has ever been in,full of energy, growing and learning everyday. Then we are faced with the otherside making decision to help save his life. We have our trust in God that all is going to be just fine and we will make all the right decisions we have to make.
In terms of fundrasing we still need your help, we have funds to settle the bill but any new treatment in America is going to cost money we are going strong and will have enough to start but any plan will last at least two years so we need enough to see it through. If you have any ideas or would like to hold a fundraiser please contact Zoe 086 3226848 or Michelle 087 6150352.
As always we truly appreciate everyones support and thank you all for helping us give Caolan this chance cause one thing for sure he deserves it.