We have been quiet with updates on Caolan

We have been quiet with updates on Caolan, as he wasn’t in good form . We had an emergency trip to Temple Street last Thursday. There has been fluid building in Caolan’s brain gradually getting worse but it got to the point that it needed to be treated.He was just off form not wanting to play or walk and by Friday not even talking but he had a fall and this is what we thought was causing him to be off balance and just not himself but a CT scan in Letterkenny showed this was what was causing him to be so unwell so we had an emergency trip by ambulance to Temple Street and the next day he had a VP shunt inserted that will drain the extra fluid. We were home again Saturday evening but it took a couple of days for him to come around but Thank God he is back to himself again. The fluid has been tested and there are no neuroblastoma cells in it so that is good news.Caolan’s consultant is off at the minute so we are waiting to talk to him next week to go through scans and determine what is next. We will also be talking with the doctor in America to discuss possible treatments. Thank you all for the continued support