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Happy New Year

As we look back on 2016 it was a year full of mixed emotions.We had some very good times and some not so good but we have a lot to be thankful for.
We will enter 2017 with a lot of hope and faith with our two boys that all will work out.
We wish every one a year full of happiness and laughter but most of all a year full of good health.
Thank you to everyone that has supported us for last two years we could not do it with out you.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from Stacey, Gerard, Caolan and Eoghan


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Back in Crumlin for Caolan’s third round

We are back in Crumlin for Caolan’s third round of chemo.Yesterday he vomited up the oral chemo,so missed that dose.It is such a horrible feeling having to hold your nearly two year old screaming to syringe chemo into his mouth.But today he took it and managed not to get sick I can only imagine what it taste like,the smell is enough.Apart from not wanting nurses near him once he leaves the room he forgets it all until the next day.He is in great form otherwise and the lovely nurse gave him a present for taking it today.Again thanks for all the continued support we really appreciate it

We’re really  overwhelmed by all the support we are getting from everyone. The local businesses and people are really coming together for us and Caolan.People we know and then complete strangers doing all they can to help Caolan and we will be forever greatful for all of it.
Next week we go to Dublin for Caolan to have a MRI scan of his head to check what is happening in there,followed by another cycle of chemo the following week.This cycle has had no side effects either Thank God,and he is running around full of mischief
Any day I sit and feel sorry for myself I just look at Caolan and think if he is running around a happy little boy not complaining after all he has been through then I very quickly get a reality check and get the game face back on and so the battle continues he really is amazing and the strongest wee boy . Again Thank you all for the continued support  #weeboyfightingbig

Caolan is home safe and well

Happy to let you all know Caolan is home safe and well. So happy to see his little face today unfortunately we didn’t get much time together cause baby number 2 will be joining us tomorrow all being well.For now we will enjoy some family time before we head back to Dublin next week to get treatment plan in place. Thank you for all the continued support and please keep Caolan in your thoughts and prayers

A little update on Caolan

A little update on Caolan,he has had his two surgeries and is recovering great obviously it will take him a while to be hundred percent but he is doing great.He got out of hospital today he really is an amazing wee man and we are so proud of him.He is on schedule to come home at the weekend so please god all will keep going well.Caolan will have a big fight in front of him again but were there is life there is hope?we will hopefully have a plan in place by the end of the week as to what will be next.Please keep all prayers and positive thoughts going for Caolan as they are really needed.Thank you for all the continued support #weeboyfightingbig

Update :(

Today Caolan should be home, but unfortunately things have not gone to plan.Caolan took a seizure on Wednesday with Gerard and Zoe and they rushed him to A&E where he was sedated to prevent anymore.He got a CT scan which showed bleeds to the brain.He had surgery to remove two small lesion to release the pressure,these were tested and showed Neuroblastoma cells have returned,he will have further surgery on Monday to remove a third lesion as the risk of it bleeding is too high and could cause serious problems if it does.Caolan spent until yesterday in ICU to be monitored but being Caolan he is recovering really well and they are more than happy with him.What this means now is to ensure to hit any remaining cells Caolan needs to start Chemotherapy again which we can have here at home in Crumlin,it is the same treatment the doctor in America would advise so we are happy both are working together as to what is best for Caolan this will hopefully have him back to remission again then we will look at further options to try fight this monster and keep it from returning again.They hope to have Caolan home by Monday when Caolan will be getting a new baby bro/sis but Caolan is the boss and he will decide if he is ready or not and we will listen to his body.It has been the most horrific week and all like a bad dream.we are devasted but Caolan is strong and he can do this again.That being said as you can imagine with all this comes the massive burden of costs,something we don’t want to think about but is reality so we need to ask for peoples help again.fundraising may start again because the fund will be all used up now.Please pray for Caolan that he can beat this monster and keep him well to get home to me.Thank you all for continuous support Xx

Great News!!!

I couldn’t describe how it feels waiting on a phone call from Caolan’s oncologist.But after a long week of worry, we got the best news ever all Caolan scans are all clear.We are so lucky that Caolan responded so well to treatment as some people we met along the way have lost their battle or continue to fight.Right now though Caolan is winning and we want to keep it that way so it is time to get all sorted for America and keep the fight going.This would not be possible without all the support from all you lovely people who have been following and supporting the fund.Thank you so much from myself and Gerard we are so happy xx